Student Assessments

We provide a wide array of

educational psycho-assessment services:

  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Literacy Assessments
  • Psycho-Social Assessments
  • Adaptive Behavior Assessments
  • Academic Assessments
  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessments
  • Consultations with schools on behalf of students

All psycho-assessment services come with a detailed report that can be used to determine future academic interventions. We use professional assessment instruments that are widely recognized by schools

If needed, we can provide consultation to schools on the assessment results in order to best promote and plan for a student's academic success. Our testers are former teachers and school administrators - we know how to collaborate with schools to ensure a student's success!

When are educational assessments needed…?

Sometimes, parents just need more information available to them when it comes to their student's academic status. Is the student truly achieving their full potential? Is there "something going on" that blocks academic growth?

Many parents use educational assessments to start the conversation at schools and with medical professionals when it comes to obtaining additional services or addressing individual learning needs. Is there something more that can be done to help? Or more importantly, what specifically can be done to best promote academic growth?

Often times, due to cost or personnel constraints, certain assessments are not performed at schools that could help shed light on a student's specific areas of strength and areas for growth. Having a comprehensive and independent assessment can provide the objective data needed for determining future interventions or services.

Our assessments are independent and recognized by schools and national professional associations. The assessment portfolio is meant to arm parents with needed knowledge for academic growth

What is the process…?

We begin with an in-depth interview - typically at the student's home - to determine specifically the portfolio of assessments to administer based on the needs of the student. A schedule of assessments is arranged in collaboration with the family to best fit their needs.

Our assessments take place in a calming "Testing Cottage" with the goal helping the students feel comfortable with the assessment process. After the reports have been created, our educational psychologists will meet with the family to go over the results and determine how to best use the report to promote academic growth.

What is the cost…?

Because each assessment portfolio is different and based on the individual needs of the student, it is difficult to determine a standard price for services. The initial in-depth interview is $100. The cost of the portfolio of assessments will be discussed at the in-depth interview.

Financial assistance is always available - as we believe cost should never get in the way of student success.