Flight Log of Two-Minute Tips for

Students, Parents & Teachers

School and Extracurricular Activities - Tips from a teacher and parent on how to create a balance between busy go-go after school activities and school success.

We are filming as we speak...please visit us again soon to check out the short two-minute tip videos on topics such as:

  • Start your studying right - quick check list for starting your homework each night
  • Classroom Behavior Charts (or the end of the "Traffic Light Method") - are there other ways to encourage positive learning behavior in classrooms?
  • Super Test-Taking Skills- quick tips for studying the right way for certain kinds of tests
  • THE LONG-TERM PROJECT (and why they need not inspire fear!) - tips on how to manage your time wisely for them.
  • And many more... 

What We Are Reading

Below are some articles, blogs, and studies that we are reading.